Opal Marsh – my grandma

Opal Marsh January 17, 1906 *** Opal Marsh *** December 27, 1995

A Tribute to Mother

a poem by her daughter Kathy Henry

Are the Angels singing over there?
Well they must have just begun
Mother’s walked through the horizon
Into the setting sun.

Our sorrow is their rejoicing
Those that have gone before
She’s greeting each and every one
At Heaven’s golden door.

She left us many memories
That all of us can share
She gave to all abundantly
Her love and warmth and care.

In life a faithful servant
Right to the very end
To God and church and home
And all that she called friend.

She spent many years by teaching
To children she held dear
Her influence was far reaching
To students far or near.

We’ve held her close within our hearts
We hate to let her go
But God has a special place for her
The Bible says it’s so.

We know her work on earth is done
Mother always did her best
And so it’s time for us to say…
Godspeed … sweet soul … sweet rest.